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Injectable Ephedrine (EXCELLENT FOR SLIMMIMG)

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Ephedrine is the most powerful stimulant for weight loss. The recommended daily dose is 50 mg subcutaneously at or under the level of the belly button.The cycle is maximum 3 months – it can be very well combined clenbuterol 50 mg / day for up to 3 months! During the use of the ephedrine cycle cardio exercises are recommended 30 minutes a day at 9 or 10 speed level almost every day or, in any case, intensive exercises in order to stimulate the activation of the burning substance in the body. The movements must cause sweating - you will notice that it is not a common sweat but is oil-based because fats will largely be eliminated by sweating and in the urine. It can be very well combined with T4 (euthyrox) / 50 mg per day of T4 is enough for an intense burn. Cycles are done for maximum 3 months. ATTENTION: THIS CURE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HYPERTENSIVE AND HEART DISEASE PATIENTS !!!

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