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MethadeX (injectable Danabol ) Biosira

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Injectable Naposim is a muscle mass with fat accumulation product. As it does not have a long life, a daily dose is recommended: 50 mg and maximum 100 mg, the maximum weekly dose for beginners should not exceed 100 mg. Combinations for maximum results: Naposim is very well combined with decadurabolin because decadurabolin strengthens the muscles while naposim offers only adipose fat mass – it is the perfect combination for those who want fast muscle mass and hard tonus. For those who want maximum volume, Naposim can be combined withTestosterone enanthate in the same syringe 250 mg 3 times a week such: Monday 250 mg testosterone enanthate + 50 mg Danabol (naposim) Wednesday: 250 mg testosterone enanthate + 50 mg Danabol (naposim) Friday: 250 mg testosterone enanthate + 50 mg Danabol naposim). Essential nutrition during steroids cure!

Fruits are essential because they contain antioxidants that are very important during steroid consumption; antioxidants are not only vital to the body, but also they play an important role in the energy of training and in muscular tonus.  One apple per day is enough for the body to assimilate the needed antioxidants. Even if many people avoid chocolate consumption,  it plays an important role in muscle steroid cycle time, and not only normal chocolate can be taken by those who want to rapidly gain muscle mass, but also black chocolate can be consumed by those who use slimming cycles as it is low in carbohydrates.

Training during steroid cycle! As a workout during fast gaining muscle mass cure, a heavy workout is done to force the muscle until it feels like burning; few exercises with very heavy weights are done, while many exercises with lighter weights are performed for maximum muscle definition cycle at high intensity (fast movements). A professional workout description will be sent free of charge in the package of any ordered cycle. This training session is based on the most basic steps and reveals many secrets that have to be respected during the cycle and the training time. For any questions about any product do not hesitate to contact me! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR WORK!!!

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