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Melanotan MT-2 (Bio peptide)

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MT-2 is a bio peptide that contains melanotan as its active substance. Among the athletes is administered in order to give the skin a perfect tan, thus saving time spent in solar saloons or at the sun. Melotan was studied in detail at Arizona University in 2005. At that time melanotan was found to be very useful in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction and increased libido in women as well as genital arousal. In addition to changing skin pigmentation and helping to erectile dysfunction, during its cycle it was found that it reduces appetite and increase the burning subcutaneous fat cells. Melanotan is a good alternative to solar saloons and sun rays, avoiding all risks from long exposure to solar rays. MT-2 is administered subcutaneously, most easily with insulin syringes. The standard dose is calculated to be 0.02mg / kg. In the first phase of the melanotan cure, which lasts for two weeks, between 0.5 mg and 1 mg is administered. The daily dose should not be taken once as it is recommended to be divided into two. During administration, the maximum dose is 1.5 mg per day. When the desired bronze shade is reached, the dose will be reduced. MT-2 is kept at low temperatures in the refrigerator to preserve its properties. Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, tiredness, flushing. These effects often occur after a few minutes of administration, but disappear shortly.

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