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Stramboject Aqua (Injectable Winstrol) BALKAN

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Stramboject Aqua (Winstrol Injection) BALKAN (Default)

Winstrol (stramboject aqua) also named Stanozolol has many medicinal names but the most popular remains Winstrol. This product is water based. The oral alternative is more problematic for the liver so it is advisable to use the injectable form. The recommended dose is between 200 mg and 300 mg for beginners, between 300 and 600 mg for amantuers and up to 800 mg for professionals. One cycle is maximum 3 months and minimum 2 months. For maximum results in muscle definition and quality muscle mass, Winstrol can be combined with enanthic trenbolone or propionate testosterone. This product (winstrol / stanozolol) melts fats, defines muscles, gives you a bold, high quality muscle mass.This information is exclusively provided by www.steroizi.com.

A carbohydrate-free diet is recommended in this cure: lean meats (beef, fish- salmon, tuna and mackerel), vegetables (beans, soybeans) and long grain rice. An orange juice shake is most indicated every morning.

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