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Testobolin (Testosterone Enantate Alpha Pharma)

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Testobolin - active substance: testosterone enanthate, testosterone being the main male hormone. It is a steroid that once in the body is converted into estroge. It is a product used in mass accumulation cures. The recommended dose varies between 250 mg and 700 mg per week, the injection is given once every 3 days in gluteus maximus muscle (buttock). Testobolin is an oil-based consistency steroid. Its action time in the body is two to three weeks.  Weight gained with Testosterone help is water based (subcutaneous fat). Even if it has a long action in the body, a dose of at least 500 mg per week is recommended for average to minimum effects. As a side effect – it stops testosterone secretion of the body, therefore post-cycle therapy, consisting of Clomid and Tamoxifen, is recommended. If administered in recommended doses with post-cycle therapy, side effects are corrected or do not at all. This post-cycle therapy aims to regulate body’s natural testosterone production and should be started two to three weeks after the last injection of Sustanon. Post cure cycle begins after this period of time as Sustanon remains active in the body for up to three weeks.

In any steroid treatments it is important to follow some key rules in order to achieve the desired results. The main meals of the day are important and must be respected. Nutrition should be high in protein, vitamins and antioxidants. You should eat lean meat such as beef, fish and chicken. Vegetables are important. Fruits contain antioxidants and boost body energy.

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