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Dianabols (Danabol Pharmacom)

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Danabol / Naposim belongs to the oral steroids category, it has 10 mg per pill, being double to the old one, which is why also the price is double. The newest product is Naposim under another name at a price of 1 Ron / pill / box with 60 pills. Dianabol (metandienone) is a muscle mass product with subcutaneous fat accumulation because it does not have a long life. A daily dose of 50 mg up to 100 mg is recommended, the maximum weekly dose should not exceed 100 mg for beginners. For amateurs the dose varies between 50 and 120 mg per day, and for professionals up to 150 mg / day. Combinations for maximum results:

Naposim is very well combined with decadurabolin as decadurabolin strengthens the muscles while naposim offers only subcutaneous fat; this is the perfect combination for those who want fast muscle mass and hard tonus.

For those who want maximum volume Naposim can be combined withTestosterone enanthate 250 mg 3 times a week such: Monday: 250 mg testosterone enanthate + 50 mg Danabol (naposim)/ Wednesday: 250 mg testosterone enanthate + 50 mg Danabol (naposim) /Friday: 250 mg testosterone enanthate + 50 mg Danabol naposim)

Essential nutrition during steroid treatment!

Fruits are essential because they contain antioxidants that are very important during steroid consumption; antioxidants are not only vital to the body, but also they play an important role in the energy of training and in muscular tonus.  One apple per day is enough for the body to assimilate the needed antioxidants.

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