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Igtropin 100 UI (IGF 1-LONG 3)

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Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-I) is a polypeptide hormone with insulin-like structure and also causes insulin-like effects; it is predominantly synthesized in the liver but also other tissues, under the influence of growth hormone. This factor alternates the metabolic actions of the growth hormone. Since IGF-I is a mediator of the actions of HGH, it is also called Somatomedin.

Plasma IGF-I concentration depends directly on HGH secretion and is an important parameter in gaining muscle mass volume.

IGF-I is a good screening test for assessing growth disorders in children. It is more sensitive and specific than the determination of HGH because it does not show significant diurnal variations.

Serum IGF-I levels are low in primary deficiency of HGH as well as in peripheral, partial or total resistance syndromes. It is characterized by total resistance to growth hormone actions. This clinical condition is associated with a basic increase of growth hormone level, but with a very low concentration of IGF-I.


It is administered subcutaneously  - 2 to 8 units per day, minimum cycle is 3 months

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