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Parabolan ( MultiPharm )

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Parabolan is a product used to gain very lean high quality muscle mass. This product is meant for people who do not want any side effect. It has a strong androgenic effect, does not cause water retention and does not estrogenize. During cycles with parabolan, do not use Tamoxifen. Recommended doses are between 300 and 600 mg per week. A Parabolan cure should last maximum 3 months, side effects are non-existent. It is recommended to combine Parabolan with Decadurabolin or Primobolan for faster effects. Highly protein meals consist of fish (pangasius, trout, mackerel and salmon), light dairy products like whey - that is essential for muscle growth or sour milk – that has the highest whey protein concentration. Other high-protein products: chicken breasts have the highest meat protein concentration; soy and beans - these vegetables have a very high protein concentration; rice is vital for bodybuilders every day - it is necessary to consume both puffed (expanded) and normal rice. For further details you can discuss with me using steroizi.com messenger id or on website chat.

Essential nutrition during steroids cure! Fruits are essential because they contain antioxidants that are very important during steroid consumption; antioxidants are not only vital to the body, but also they play an important role in the energy of training and in muscular tonus.  One apple per day is enough for the body to assimilate the needed antioxidants.

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