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Professional Cycle with Growth Hormone and Enanthat Testosterone

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This professional cycle is designed for bodybuilders preparation before competitions. This cycle sculpts the body in 6 months, regenerates the joints, muscles and cartilages, increases strength and strongly vascularizes,  increases appetite, muscle mass is gained very quickly without any retention of water . The cycle contains 60 boxes of Norditropin simplex of 30 ui / box and 30 ampoules of testosterone enanthate.

Administration: In the morning before meals 5 units are injected subcutaneously at or under the level of the belly button and 5 units in the evening, before bedtime. Enanthate testosterone is administered starting with the second month of the hormones cycle and the dose should be one testosterone ampoule daily for 30 days. It is administered at the middle of the cycle because hormone cure should be stopped after testosterone cure is completed in order to stimulate natural testosterone production. A post cycle cure is recommended after finishing this cycle.

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