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The high quality muscle steroid cycle is made to achieve a striking quality muscle mass with maximum tonus and near-nonexistent side effects.

This cycle of steroids is based on light esters and is administered as follows:

MONDAY: Day 1 -1 Oxandrolone pills, 1 ml cut-stack

MARCH: Day 2 - 2 pills Oxandrolone

WEDNESDAY: Day 3 - 3 Oxandrolone pills

THURSDAY: Day 4 - 3 pills Oxandrolone, 1 ml enanthate

FRIDAY: Day 5 - 3 Oxandrolone pills

SATURDAY: Day 6 - 3 Oxandrolone pills

SUNDAY: Day 7 - 3 Oxandrolone pills

Steroid Cycle for Super Quality Muscle Mass will continue with 3 pills of Oxandrolone per day until week 7 when the pills are finished; the 1ml injection will be done on Monday and Thursday ; 1 ml of each week, so the steroid injection will last for 10 weeks. Injectable steroids and oral ones will be administered 2 hours before gym; post cycle cure with Nolvadex  Pregnyl and Clomid will be administered after the end of the cycle.

This cycle contains:

10 ml Cut Stack Titan

10 ml of Pharmacom Trenbolone Enantat

2 boxes of Vermodje Oxandrolone 100 capsules

steroizi.com is an online store selling steroid cycles for high-quality muscle mass gain with almost  no side effects

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